What does the CBT-I programme involve?

GP/consultant referral is necessary prior to attending The Insomnia Clinic.
Referrals are accepted for individuals aged 16 and over.

You will be required to wear a monitoring device called an actiwatch for 1 week prior to your first therapy session in order to monitor your typical sleep schedule. This monitoring is done through the Sleep Disorders Lab in The Mater Private Hospital, Dublin.

The CBT-I programme consists of structured manualized treatment sessions. It consists of the following elements:

  1. Sleep education
  2. Sleep hygiene
  3. Stimulus control therapy
  4. Relaxation techniques
  5. Lifestyle factors
  6. Sleep scheduling

You will attend 4 CBT-I therapy sessions usually over a period of four weeks. Each session will last roughly one hour.

Upon completion of the programme you will continue to be supported by your therapist in order to get your sleep back to a normal pattern.

A full report will be forwarded to your GP/consultant upon completion.

The programme improves sleep in over 80% of people.


Please note that CBT-I is not covered by any of the health insurance companies.