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  • I have been on sleeping medication for years. Will I still be able to do the CBT – I programme?
    Yes. Many people starting the course have been on sleeping medication both long term and short term. The clinical guidelines state that sleeping medication should only be used for short term use and those taking it long term probably notice that it no longer works. The aim of the CBT-I programme is to eventually reduce and eliminate the need for sleeping medication.o app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • I have tried lots of other things to treat my insomnia including over the counter medication, sprays, I practice good sleep hygiene and have given up caffeine. None of these worked so how do I know the CBT-I will work for me?"
    None of the above are clinically validated for the treatment of insomnia. CBT-I is evidence based and is the medically recognised, gold standard treatment for chronic insomnia. CBT-I has a success rate of over 80%. Sleep hygiene is a small part of the programme, but sleep hygiene alone is not indicated for the treatment of insomnia. Regarding caffeine, I never ask you to give up caffeine!
  • I attend a therapist for a mental health disorder. Can I also do CBT-I ?
    Yes, but you should always speak to your GP or medical specialist first. Insomnia and mental health disorders have a bidirectional relationship. Approximately 80% of those with a mental health disorder also report a sleep disturbance (mainly insomnia). It is extremely important that insomnia is also treated in the overall management of mental health disorders.
  • What age groups does CBT-I treat?
    I currently work with those over 16 years old. There is no upper age limit for CBT-I.
  • I have no problem getting to sleep, my main problem is staying asleep. Sometimes, I even have a few nights of good sleep. Would CBT-I work for me?"
    Absolutely. There are many types of insomnia and sleep maintenance insomnia is a common form. You may find that over time this can also change and may even vary from night to night. It is quite common to have periods where you sleep well in between these problem nights. When you have insomnia there is no regularity to your sleep and you never know what to expect when getting into bed. CBT-I targets all forms of insomnia and is tailored toward each individual.
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